#RVIVR #Bats #blackmilk #leggings #fashion  (at Crooked House)

#RVIVR #Bats #blackmilk #leggings #fashion (at Crooked House)

Best #breakfast.  (at Crooked House)

Best #breakfast. (at Crooked House)

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Why would anyone complain about what poor people spend their money on.

Have you seen what rich people spend their money on?

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South Africa:

Young ladies train in Ballet in Soweto through The Joburg Ballet Development Programme

Photos by Madelene Cronje.


Those jumping girls! 

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I call this look the “nightshift slouch”. #fashion #nightshift #LPN  (at Crooked House)

I call this look the “nightshift slouch”. #fashion #nightshift #LPN (at Crooked House)

Canadian Copyright Town Hall security threatened MP, students with ejection for handing out flyers [2009]


At last week’s Canadian copyright town hall meeting in Toronto — the one where the speaker-roster was overwhelming stacked with representatives from giant entertainment conglomerates — security guards prevented the Canadian Federation of Students from distributing literature by the doors that advocated for more liberal copyright rules. They also stopped a Member of Parliament from one of the opposition parties from distributing flyers.

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Can I just stay in bed forever? #bed #sleep #rest  (at Crooked House)

Can I just stay in bed forever? #bed #sleep #rest (at Crooked House)

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I wrote a thing.


We need more voices in science
to step up in defiance for those characters 
that get erased from our stories; accolades and glories granted to counterparts 
as though we didn’t have the smarts to achieve 
the impossible, believe in the improbable 
and create the unthinkable. 
It’s unthinkable to me that our hindsight is so blinded. 
Turning the cheek too many times makes me think you’re shaking your head:
no, no, no. 

"Hey - you look good in that dress today." 
Pay no mind to the mess that comment made 
of my self-confidence. It seems pretty obvious 
the words they think are innocuous are noxious, 
breeding doubt and insecurity, feeding bouts of fury in me
as I hear the same phrases repeated to the women in my classes,
our lab mates and the masses of budding genius minds
that yearn to focus on their hypotheses and methods 
but instead they’re distracted by those words left unretracted: 
"you look good in that dress today."

If you tell her that she’s pretty before you tell her that she’s smart,
don’t be startled when she starts to parcel out and pull apart 
her individuality. Trading physics books for glossy magazines. 
Instead of figuring fifty ways to solve differentials she’s counting up 
fifty ways to potentially please her partner, 
wondering - is this what is appealing? this feeling of cheapening my intelligence
because we’re terrified to be marginalized for tying to have it all,
all the while face burning, yearning tears not to drip drop while your stomach flip flops
at being called out for a love of learning. 

Just between us, from one woman to another 
it’ll take a while to recover while we wonder without ignorance
why there are so many instances of being told to be a mother
before we’re told to be discoverers. 
And I hope in twenty years or maybe less 
we’ll be blessed with plenty of reassurances that our work
is recognized for its significance, and the difference is 
we’ll be standing up for our accomplishments - not alone but with accomplices within our fields. 
Our fields. 
And it won’t be such a novelty to be so proudly standing up for our beliefs
and our discoveries. 
We need more voices in science, and not those that just say, hey- 
You look good in that dress today. 

—- 8/27/14

10 fun facts about your sense of smell



Pheromones. Moths. Poo. Today’s TED Talk from smell expert Tristram Wyatt has everything. Watch it to learn about scientists’ fascinating search for pheromones across the animal kingdom, but before you do — some fun facts about your sense of smell:

  1. Smell is the first sense you use when you’re born

  2. Your body has about 400 different kinds of smell receptors, and 40 million different smell neurons. Plus, one out of every 50 genes is dedicated to smell. That’s a lot.

  3. As an adult, you can distinguish about 10,000 different smells. Dog poo. Fresh-baked cookies. 9,998 others.

  4. Bombykol was the very first sex pheromone to be identified. It’s a chemical that female silk moths emit to attract male mates. 

  5. You can thank puberty for smelly socks. Humans have two types of sweat glands — eccrine and apocrine. Apocrine glands are the smelly ones, and these guys start up when you hit puberty.

  6. Up until the age of 4, any smell — no matter how gross to adults — is merely interesting to children. That explains a lot.

  7. About 25% of the population is subject to the phenomenon of “asparagus pee.” The other 75% doesn’t notice a thing.

  8. Anosmia is the lack of a sense of smell. Fun fact: The person writing this is anosmic. Irony!

  9. A dog’s olfactory epithelium — a path of skin key to smell — is 20 times bigger than a human’s. And still they sniff each other’s butts. 

  10. Smell may help babies learn to breastfeed. Here’s why. 

Learn more in today’s talk »

Extra credit: Watch a fascinating TED-Ed animation on how we smell »


I smell it. 

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If whats happening in Ferguson was happening to an all white community, it would be called a dystopian novel

#and all actions against the police would be heroic and daring#and the plucky white protags would be encouraged to use violence to stop the injustice

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